Magnectic Charger

(for laptop)

Magnectic Charger
Laptop magnetic charger

Instead of the current insertion type, this is a new generation of a magnetic link converter that connects your laptop with a charger by attaching through external magnetic force (In particular, magnetic laptop charger related patents are owned by only two – Autoconnector and Apple).






Core Technologies

Our company

External type magnetic charger
Compatible manufacturers (HP, Lenovo, Dell, Augus, Acer, Samsung, LG, etc…)


Apple (insertion type attachment)
applied to laptop (Macbook Air, Macbook Pro)




Although the competitiveness of products are becoming more similar, the laptop accessory market is not currently being developed as much.

Think about it for a moment.
Can you think of any accessories that are not part of your laptop purchase?
(Apple Macbook’s magnetic charger is not an accessory = integral type)

If you are not satisfied with the range of laptop accessories in the global laptop market, then

How about this? This is Autoconnector’s magnetic link converter charger.

The product qualities of the low end and high end laptop market are similar. Gaining the consumer’s heart will ultimately determine the success and failure in competitive situations.

If you feel ‘different’, ‘inconvenient’, and ‘jealous’ of other laptops, then it is the ‘opportunity’ for the market.

Being with Autoconnector therefore means ’monopolizing’, not competing in the global market.