30-pin magnetic

(for iPhone4, 4s)

30-pin magnetic
Autoconnector magnetic cellphone charger 30-pin
(for iPhone 4 and 4S)

Autoconnector magnetic charger 30-pin model is a USB cable that does not insert the charger into the device but attaches and detaches it using magnetic force.





Core technologies

-Instead of existing insertion type, this is a human-centric magnetic smartphone charger that connects with the device for data transfer and charging through external magnetic force.
-Our company developed patented technologies which are applied to smartphones, tablets, flip phones, laptops and other electronic devices.

Our company

External magnetic connection(international and domestic patents)
Used for smartphones, tablets, flip phones, laptops and other electronic devices that use electrical outlets.


Internal magnetic connection(Apple)
only used for laptop (Macbook)

Features of our Products

Breakage prevention

The main body (smartphones, tablets, flip phones) will not be damaged if you pull the smartphone unknowingly or touch the charger cable wire accidently.


The charger will not be damaged in the event of connection defects, pin damage or insertion of foreign materials.


Anyone including senior citizens and children can easily use the product.


You can easily charge with one hand instead of two hands while in the car.


Easy to use for disabled individuals or people who cannot move freely.


Charging efficacy is the same as existing chargers.