The world’s only company that deeply considers public usability and marketability.
The only company that meets the expectations of the 21st century Law of the United States and Europe’s Universal Design.


Doing business with Autoconnector, Inc. means you are literally monopolizing the global market, not competing.




The world-changing company, Autoconnector, Inc.

Human-centric global company, ‘Autoconnector, Inc.’ set a goal to manufacture products that both have public usability and marketability.

Global companies such as Apple, Samsung and other smartphone companies lack durability, safety, practicality and convenience of their batteries because they all used ‘insertion type’ chargers.

We at ‘Autoconnector, Inc’ have solely developed a [sticking type] charger using magnets to improve a product’s durability, safety, and practicality as well as convenience and overall enjoyability.

If products that can monopolize global market have mass public appeal and usability, then there’s no need to wait or worry.



‘Simple innovation’ surprises the world, but
‘Innovation with mass public appeal and usability’ changes the world.




Autoconnector, Inc.’s magnetic charger is not an insertion type charger like existing models, but connects smart phones, flip phones, tablets and laptops with cable wires using magnetic power.

Samsung launched a battery integrated metallic bodied cellphone, which was one of the main characteristics of Apple’s, and both of the companies’ products are becoming more similar.

In the end, gaining the consumer’s heart will ultimately determine success and failure.

When the problem arose with iPhone 4’s death grip, bumper type cases became popular. When the Galaxy Note series was popular, diary type cases started becoming popular.

Now, when choosing a smartphone, flip phone, tablet, or a laptop, the most important consideration will become Autoconnector Inc.’s magnetic charger.


Due to the 21st century Law of the United States and Europe’s Universal Design, if a disabled person cannot take full advantage of a product, then the manufacturing company cannot survive in the global market.

[ What is the 21st century Law of the United States?]
In article 187 of the above law, it is stated that when using smartphones, disabled and non-disabled people should have the same level of convenience. If a smartphones or web services, accessories, software and hardware priced at low cost are provided by a 3rd party that provides accessibility, then it is considered to have met the criteria of the law regarding accessibility. Enacted on October 9, 2013 (the handicapped party can initiate a lawsuit).

[What is Europe’s Universal Design?]
The product should be designed so that children, disabled people and senior citizens can use manufactured goods as conveniently as when they are used by teens.

All of Autoconnector, Inc.’s products put public usability before everything and we have developed a magnetic smartphone charger and laptop charger for everyone including both disabled and non-disabled individuals, senior citizens, children and patients with the same convenience and practicality.

The only companies that can thrive in a human-centric world are those whose products have public usability, convenience, practicality, durability and , of course, enjoyability!

Magnetic Smart Phone Charger & Notebook Magnetic Link Connector